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Fame Whores and Old Monsters


My book is available on Amazon Kindle.


If you are interested in what is behind the nice and glittering surface of show business and the movie stars' smile and charity then you should read it.

This is a satire about the show business in humorous but rough way.





Greg Foolery, the 55-year-old, immoral, alcoholic, sex maniac movie star vows to not to drink any more in an important moment of his life because he would like to enjoy the life yet for a long time from what he obtained all good things and because he fights serious digestive problems what he does want ignore for a long time certainly. But he faces two months of prize award galas and the big promise will be nothing. He dates current whore K, his five-million-first „girlfriend” and treats with her accordingly. His hygienic problems and disgusting desires land him in numerous embarrassing and amusing situations. We may have an insight into Hollywood’s depraved world through Mr. Foolery’s life, where the prostitution, lies, deceit, deception of the world play the leading roles, where Mr. Foolery makes use even the noble aims and charity to manipulate fans and in the interest of the acquisition of even bigger success and even more money without inhibition.
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